Thursday, February 11, 2016

Basball: America's Pasttime example

This video is just a small example of what I will be doing with my larger project that involves interviews with myself, my partner/classmate, and the great Dr. Nichols himself the creator of the exhibit. The main focus of this example is tho just learn the basics of how to work with Adobe Pro Premium. What Adobe Pro does is it allows one to be able to create what ever kind of video they want and edit the video itself in order to create what you want your audience to see or learn. Step-by-step you learn how to add the video and then edit the it, whether you want to zoom in or zoom out at any certain point, create a transition from one picture or video to another, or simply add audio. This video itself though, is only a small part of what I will be creating in my main project about Star Trek and how their technology has come to life and is now apart of our everyday lives.

See my video here:

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