Thursday, January 14, 2016

Overview of Pat Sheridan


My name is Pat Sheridan and I am currently enrolled at Limestone College and trying to find a career in the sports industry as a journalist or analyst. The sport that has been my first love ever since I was old enough to play was football. I play lacrosse in college, but that's only because I wasn't big enough to play football in college (I would've been the Rudy of the Limestone Football team). I am writing this for my CM 412 class, which will help me adapt to this new world of constant blogging and new technology that will enhance both the way we see and play sports. I'm excited to see what my career will turn out to be because I have known what I've wanted to pursue as my career ever since my first appearance at an NFL football game. I'm excited to see how this class will enhance my skills as a journalist and learn all I can before I head out into the "real world" and begin my career.

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